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Procurement Department

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Umar Faruk Jatau
Head Procurement


Procurement Department is the office responsible for the acquisition of supplies, services and construction in support of the authority's business. The Procurement Department is the entity within both Authorities authorized to issue Invitation to bid, Request for Proposal, Request for Quotations and issue contracts. The Procurement Department issues purchase order, develops term contract and acquires supplies and services. The Procurement Department also disposes of all surplus property and equipments.


  • Engages in implementation of Public Procurement Act of 2007
  • Carries out: Needs Assessment for the purpose of producing procurement plans for goods/ services; and systematic procurement processes to arrive at value for money, efficiency, fair- play, competitiveness and transparency in the selection, bid – opening and evaluation of bids;
  • Produces bid documents of various projects; Goods, Services, Works and Consultancy for efficient and effective evaluation/ selection processes;
  • Provides secretariat for the Procurement Planning Committee(PPC) and Parastatals Tenders Board (PTB), and implementing decisions thereof;
  • Debriefs contractors who lost out in any project on request;
  • Supervises projects of direct bearing, and work with consultants for capital construction project as applicable;
  • Advises Parastatals Tenders Board, Procurement Planning Committees on government policies on general procurement issues; and on thresholds for Parastatals and Chief Executive as directed by the Bureau of Public Procurement;
  • Liaises with the Bureau of Public Procurement on behalf of the Council to advice on policy matters and guidelines of Procurement;


The Council has made remarkable achievements in following areas;
  1. Effective funds management and completion of projects. All projects planned for are pursued to completion level.
  2. In compliance with 2007 Public Procurement Acts, the Council has tried to meet all requirements in carrying out procurement processes. Where funds are not enough, "No Objection" from the Bureau of Public Procurement is sought.
  3. The Council Procured 2 No Buses to ease monitoring activities.
  4. The Council successfully produced, printed and distributed the History Curriculum and Teachers Guide.
  5. The Council produced, printed and distributed 1 year pre - primary school Curriculum and Teachers Guide.
  6. The Council produced, printed and distributed Early Child Care Development Curriculum.
  7. Part of the Conference Centre at Sheda was renovated and rehabilitated.
  8. Administrative block at Sheda was re- roofed and a Solar power installed.
  9. Four (4) Procurement Staff were successfully trained and certified by the Bureau of Public Procurement.

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