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NERDC National Model School
Nursery and Primary

The NERDC National Model School, Sheda was established in 1991 by the Council to serve the following mandates:

  • To serve as a testing ground / laboratory where Council textual materials (curriculum) for primary education throughout the country would be pilot tested before use in the country;
  • To serve as a model in all ramifications to other primary schools in the nation; and
  • To provide qualitative education for the children of NERDC staff and the general public.


Nursery (Age 3-5)
  1. English Skill
  2. Writing Skill
  3. Mathematics Skill
  4. Science
  5. Social Habits
  6. Health Habits
  7. Cultural and Creative Arts
  8. Rhymes and Poems

  1. English Studies
  2. Mathematics
  3. French Language
  4. 3 major Nigerian Languages: Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo
  5. Basic Science and Technology
  6. Physical and Health Education
  7. IRS / CRS
  8. Social Studies
  9. Civic Education
  10. Agricultural Science
  11. Computer Studies
  12. Cultural and Creative Arts


Co-curricular activities are organised every Thursday to develop the psychomotor and affective domains of the pupils. Operational plan is designed by the school coordinator based on age and academic level to avoid physical strains and accident rate. Activities carried out are:

  1. Excursions
  2. Quiz and Debates
  3. Sporting Activities
  4. Cultural Arts and Crafts
  5. Music

To achieve these activities, sport wears of different colours according to the houses are worn. The 6 houses are derived from the 6 academic centres in NERDC. They are:

  1. Curriculum Development Centre - Red
  2. Book Development Centre - Green
  3. Language Development Centre - Blue
  4. Educational Research Centre - Yellow
  5. Library and Informatics Centre - Purple
  6. Special Programmes Centre - Pink


Admission into the school starts with purchase of admission form which is filled and submitted along with 2 passport photographs and birth certificate from a government recognized hospital. Vacancy must exist before admission exercise is embarked upon. The Nursery one pupils must be up to 3 years.

Admission letter, prescribed school fees and prospectus are given to successful pupils after the oral and written interviews. Parents are expected to effect payment two weeks after the release of the interview results, otherwise they forfeit the chance to another child. A set of uniforms are then issued to the new pupils and a class assigned to them.


All approved school fees must be promptly paid. This is done through issuance of bank teller by the school Accountant to effect payment in the School designated bank i.e. Unity bank Nig. Plc. Parents are enjoined to always pay the school fees of their children/wards promptly failing which the school may be forced to send the pupils home.


All recommended textbooks must be in line with the National Curricula developed by the NERDC on behalf of the Federal Government. Publishers are contacted to supply original text books to be sold to pupils at affordable prices. All pupils are expected to have textbooks in all the approved school subjects.


The following infrastructural facilities are available in the school:

  1. Administrative Block
    • Head teacher's Office
    • Deputy Head teacher's Office
    • Accountant's Office
    • Secretary's Office
  2. Temporary Library
  3. Blocks of Classrooms
  4. Computer Room
  5. School Buses

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