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Curriculum Development Services

Scope of Service and Achievements
  1. Development, printing and dissemination of the 9- Year Basic Education Curriculum to schools.
  2. Revision and reduction of the 9-Year Basic Education Curriculum into 10 subjects
  3. Printing and dissemination of the revised 9-Year Basic Education Curriculum, (Pry 1 to 6 and JSS 1 to 3) to schools
  4. Development of Teachers Guides for the implementation of the revised 9-Year Basic Education Curriculum
  5. Unbundling of the Reading Curriculum from the English Studies Curriculum in collaboration with USAID.
  6. Development of Sample Scripted Lesson Plans for the teaching of English Studies at the Primary and JSS levels in collaboration with USAID
  7. Development of Teachers Handbook for the Selection and Use of Instructional Materials from Local Resources
  8. Training of Master Trainers on the 9-Year Basic Education Curriculum nationwide in collaboration with SMOEs and SUBEBs
  9. Development of Trades/Entrepreneurship Curricula for out-of-school youths.
  10. Revision and Upgrading of the Senior Secondary School Curriculum in all the 42 mainstream subjects based on the new curriculum structure.
  11. Printing and dissemination of the new Senior Secondary Education Curriculum to schools.
  12. Development of curricula for 34 Senior Secondary School (SSS) Trades/Entrepreneurship subjects
  13. Development and printing of Teachers Guides for the implementation of the new Senior Secondary Education Curriculum (SSEC) in Science subjects and two core cross-cutting subjects; English and Civic Education
  14. Infusion of National Values Curriculum (NVC) into Basic & Senior Secondary Education in collaboration with ICPC
  15. Infusion of NVC into Teacher Education at NCE level in collaboration with ICPC.
  16. Capacity building workshop for teachers on the Teaching of National Values in Basic Education in the 6 geo-political zones
  17. Training of out-of-school youths in Trades/Entrepreneurship in the South - South, South East and North Central Zones
  18. Development and infusion of Road Safety Education Curriculum at the Primary and Junior Secondary School levels with support from the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC)
  19. Development of Disaster Risk Reduction Curriculum and infusion into Basic and Senior Secondary Education with support from National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA)
  20. Infusion of Food and Drug Safety Education into Basic Education Curriculum with support from National Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC)
  21. Development of Consumer Education Curriculum and infusion into Basic Education with support from Consumer Protection Council (CPC)
  22. Development of e-curriculum and educational resources portalĀ (SIDMACH Technologies)
  23. Development of instructional materials from local resources.
  24. Development of Basic Education Curriculum for learners with special needs (visually impaired)
  25. Developed and produced hard and electronic copies of the Instructional Sign Language for Nigerian Schools (ISLTENS)
  26. Development of SSE curricula for Special Needs Education
  27. Development of Teachers' Guides for the curricula adapted for Special Needs (both BEC and SSE curricula).

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