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Educational Research Centre (ERC)

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Dr. Bernie Okwy Ikegulu
Director Educational Research Centre


The Educational Research Centre is one of the academic centers of the Council. In line with the Councils mandate, the Educational Research Centre (ERC) encourages, promotes and coordinates educational research programmes carried out in Nigeria.


The Centre is responsible for the identification of educational problems in which research is needed in Nigeria and the establishment of the order of priority thereof.

Through the ERC, the council carries out the function of compiling, publishing or sponsoring of the publication of the results of educational research particularization of such results where their recognition is in the councils opinion of a national importance.

The ERC also has the responsibility of carrying out studies in comparative curriculum and the encouragement and promotion of reading culture through a continuous research into the needs of Nigerian readers.

Since 2005, the Educational Research Centre based on its function has concentrated its research activities to policy-driven researches for educational development, developed training manuals for education practitioners and conducted training for relevant stakeholders in education.

Key Functions

  • ERC encourages, promotes, and co-ordinates educational research programmes carried out in Nigeria.
  • The Educational Research Centre identifies educational problems in Nigeria in which research is needed, and establishes the order of priority thereof; periodically compiles and publishes a list of completed research projects.
  • Compiles, publishes or sponsors the publication of the results of educational research, particularly in relation to Nigerian Educational Problems and the popularization of such results where their general recognition is in the Councils opinion of a national importance.
  • Assesses, Surveys or investigates any educational matter considered necessary, either independently or in co-operation with individuals, organizations or agencies.
  • Carries out studies in comparative curriculum.

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