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Language Development Centre (LDC)

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Dr. Nkechinyere Adiele
Director Language Development Centre


The Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC) is mandated to carry out language development functions through the Language Development Centre (LDC). A lot of activities are carried out by the Centre in order to achieve its objectives. Some of the major functions of the Centre are stated below.


  • Advise on and implement all policies relating to language;
  • Develop and encourage the development of materials for various languages taught in schools;
  • Identification of language problems for the purpose of carrying out research into such problems and finding solutions thereto;
  • Coordinate language projects throughout Nigeria and prepare an overall design for language research needs both internally and through grants and subsidies to institutions, qualified agencies and organisations;
  • Carry out language extension services (including teacher training and linguistic courses);
  • Develop and encourage the development of core books in Nigerian Languages in co-operation with any other institution or organisation concerned with book development; and
  • Provide adequate translation facilities necessary for book development in Nigeria.


The Language Development Centre executes all the provisions relating to language in the Act establishing the Council. These provisions are translated into language research and development activities carried out by the Centre. These include:

  • Nigerian and Foreign Languages Development and Promotion.
  • Instructional Materials /Books Development in Nigerian Languages.
  • Curriculum Development Activities.
  • Language Research Activities.
  • Language Extension and Translation Services.
  • Implementation of Policies relating to Languages..

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