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Emerging Issues in Education

Scope of Service and Achievement

  1. Preparation and production of the National Policy on Education (2014 edition).
  2. Developed the Curriculum for ECD .
  3. Developed and printed the One-Year Pre-Primary Education Curriculum.
  4. Infusion of Family Life HIV and AIDS Education(FLHE) into schools curricula
  5. Preparation and production of FLHE manual, Core messages and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), and the uploading of these on NERDC website
  6. Organised Capacity Building Workshops in Early Childhood Education for Care givers.
  7. Coordinate the Network of Education Services Centres in Nigeria (NESCN).
  8. As the Secretariat for Albinism Education in Nigeria, NERDC has developed and produced the following:
    • Blueprint for Albinism Education in Nigeria.
    • Frequently Asked Questions on Albinism.
    • Core messages on Albinism

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