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Professor Nnadozie Felix Inyama, born on the 29th day of January 1964 in Itu, Ezinihitte, Mbaise, Imo State. He has great mastery in English Language as proven in his Educational Qualifications thus; B.A. English (Nigeria) - 1974, M.A. English (Sheffield) - 1978, Ph.D English (Sheffield) - 1981.

Prof. Inyama, at his early career years in University of Nigeria, Nsukka discharged his duties as a tutor, Lecturer II and Senior Lecturer progressively.

He has reviewed Literatures and written Books of/on many great Authors and Personalities: Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka, Ayi Kwei Armah, Ken Saro Wiwa, Cyprain Ekwensi, etc.

In addition, Prof. Inyama has done Professional Reviews of Papers for selected Journals like; "Richard Wright: Climate of Fear and Violence" for: (njb) The Nsukka Journal of the Humanities (1987); "Naming and Heroism in Igbo Traditional Life" for (NJH) Nsukka Journal of the Humanities (1987); "Farah and the Quest for Self Fulfillment" for Okike (1987); "The Concept of Nemesis as a Creative Impulse in Spokesman for the Oracle" for Nigerian Heritage (1996); "Taboos in Pre-Colonial Yoruba Palaces" for Nigerian Heritage (1997); "A New Script from Eastern Nigeria: The Nwagu Aneke Phenomenon" for Nigerian Heritage (1996); "The Performer Context and Career of the Hunter-Poet in Ijumu" for Nigerian Heritage (1996); "Proverbs as Concept of Idoma Dispensation of Justice" for Nigerian Heritage (1996); "Literature of the Effects of Violence" for Nigerian Heritage (1996); "Social Tragedy in Pre-Colonial and Colonial Igbo Society: Contrary Views from Achebe's Rural Novels" for Journal of Arts and Social Sciences (Abia State University).

Prof. Nnadozie Inyama served as Coordinator, UNN-Colgate University (USA) linkage Programme 1992/93 Academic Session; Head, Department of English (1997 - 2001); Member, UNN Senate (1997 - 2000); Chairman, Senate Publication Committee (1997 - 2001); Senate Representative on Housing Committee (1997 - 2001); Member, Board of Governors, UNN Secondary School (1999) and University Orator (1999 - 2014).

He is happily married with five children.


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