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Our Mandates

NERDC has the statutory responsibility to:

  • Develop, review and enrich curriculum at all levels;
  • Undertake and promote book development, and local authorship for quality assurance;
  • Conduct educational research for public policies formulation and implementation
  • Develop Nigerian languages and promote other languages to enhance education delivery and for public use

The Council, on behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) also:

  1. sponsors national and international educational conferences as may be relevant to her functions;
  2. serves as a centre for the collation, exchange and management of information on education and policy related issues;
  3. makes input into teacher education projects in tertiary educational institutions; as well as,
  4. carries out such other activities likely to assist in the performance of the functions imposed on the Council under Act No. 53.
  5. assess book for all levels of education for quality assurance.

Actualising Our Mandates

  1. Strategic strengthening of NERDC institutional capacity for quality delivery
  2. Monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the following:
    • basic and senior secondary education curricula
    • trade/entrepreneurship curriculum
    • out-of-school youth curricula
  3. Empowering the zonal offices to carry out needs driven educational research as well as promoting grassroots accessibility of our materials for effective implementation within their states of operation
  4. Carrying out sensitization and advocacy on curriculum innovations.
  5. Continuously assess books for all levels of education for quality assurance.
  6. Domesticate all global emerging issues for national development.
  7. Bringing to the grass root councils operations through the creation of state offices.
  8. Comparative study of best practices in curriculum development and implementation.
  9. Strengthening and sustaining collaborations with relevant stakeholders within and outside Nigeria.
  10. Development and hosting a world class virtual library for the management and sharing information.
  11. Ensuring that all public educational policies are evidenced based for effective national development.

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